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Getting people and organisations moving


HR & COMPANY B.V. can be used in different ways to achieve your organisation's intended objective. Examples of completed and implemented contracts: 


Strategy development

  • Setting up/developing and implementing the HR strategy in order to be able to proactively support the management in its ambitions and achieving the short and longer term objectives;
  • Setting up and guiding the culture change process and restructuring of the organisation to support and monitor the business strategy;
  • Supporting the management in all sorts of strategic, policy and operational issues, including solving complex files;
  • Translating and redesigning the corporate HR strategy into a national HR policy for each country;
  • Setting up and implementing the HR strategy to support the Executive Board and implementing the business strategy.

Knowledge transfer

  • Managing, improving and restructuring the current HR department/infrastructure through professionalisation and implementation of the new HR strategy;
  • Developing and implementing new HR programmes such as management, pipeline management, talent management and the professionalisation of the recruitment policy;
  • Training, guiding and managing the HR organisation including operational implementation of the entire HR chain;
  • Coaching and guiding employees by providing leadership through the use of HR resources and the creation of added value by sharing knowledge and creating a common language and culture;
  • Attracting, training and professionalising the HR department;
  • Increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity and impact of the HR function;
  • Professionalising the HR front/back office and (re-)writing new processes, procedures and implementing new systems.

HR advice

  • Developing and implementing a completely new position and salary structure with a flexible and results-driven reward system in order to successfully attract and retain talent in a cost-effective way;
  • Redefining the (inter)national position and salary structure in order to be able to be/remain competitive in the job market;
  • supporting and guiding Managing Directors, Business Leaders and employees in all countries (for open communication and stakeholder management);
  • Advice to the management about the implementation of the HR policy within the corporate strategy (fusions, advice and coordination of the various complex change processes);
  • Proactive support for (line) management by providing up to date management information.


  • Improving and professionalising the effectiveness and efficiency of the HR function within the organisation;
  • Developing a good insight into business drivers and using this to proactively support the management for the creation of HR value by designing and delivering the right HR tools;
  • Setting up the leadership development programme for Top 50 high potentials;
  • Setting up and supervising the young talent programme (Talent & Management Programme);
  • Setting up an accurate and professional HR back office + implementing new processes, procedures and systems, aiming to inform the management in good time of adequate management information and SLA;
  • Setting up, cultivating and implementing a new business culture, guiding change processes and directing and implementing reorganisation processes;
  • Harmonisation, integration and implementation of different labour conditions into a clear and transparent policy following approval and negotiation with the trade organisation, trade unions and WC;
  • Advice and guidance of organisational change processes, restructuring, reorganisation and reinstallation;


  • Development and implementation of a new flexible policy for employment terms and conditions and the harmonisation of this policy;
  • Design and implementation of a new performance management system in order to improve individual and organisational performance;
  • Setting up cost control for cost-saving programmes;
  • Professionalising, implementing and executing the corporate and strategic HR policy by implementing new programmes, such as: organisational development, performance management, pipeline management, C&B leadership and talent management, (cultural) change management;
  • Setting up an international recruitment network to attract top (management) talent;
  • Leading the international HR team and being responsible for the coaching and development of these employees by creating added value and sharing knowledge and creating bottom-line results (a vision, an objective, a common language);
  • Setting up and designing a new HRM policy with derived HR tools;
  • Designing and implementing programmes and tools that are aimed at promoting competency improvement and continuous performance improvement;
  • Responsibility for the use of personal and financial means and for the results of this;
  • Implementation of a re-design and restructioning program;
  • Promoting an open climate of communication and ensuring that cultural values are embedded. (Bottom-up and top-down).